In early December, Yellow Dream Farm and GoodGood set off to Palm Springs for the most impressive cannabis show out there – Hall of Flowers. Hall of Flowers is a B2B show that provides a unique space for cannabis operators to facilitate commerce between a large network of retailers and brands. At the show, our booth was filled to the brim with our unique strains, products, and swag. This, plus our sponsorship of the afterparty, provided a unique opportunity to get in front of new distributors and form collaborations with other like-minded companies. 

Now that the show has concluded, and we are settled back at our cultivation, here are four things we learned at Hall of Flowers.

Cannabis culture is bigger than ever 

The cannabis industry has one of the most unique cultures and it all stems from a bond that is stronger than any other billion-dollar industry. At Hall of Flowers, this culture was more present than ever. With thousands of attendees with similar beliefs, ideals, and practices, even brands that would otherwise be seen as competitors came together. If you are part of cannabis culture, you know how strong it is already, but seeing it firsthand around thousands of others further justified that our passion for keeping this culture alive will never fade. 

Unique strains continue to be #1 

From an outsider’s point of view, all cannabis is created equal, but that is just simply not the case. At Hall of Flowers, the demand for unique strains was more present than ever. Providing unique strains for our customers on an ongoing basis is something we take pride in at Yellow Dream Farm and practice every day in our cultivation. Seeing this as a trend throughout the show helped further confirm the demand and makes us extremely excited for what is to come. Want to learn more about our offerings? Check out our strain library 

Flower isn’t going anywhere 

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more ways to consume are hitting the scene. From pre-rolls and edibles to resin and topicals, exhibitors on the Hall of Flowers floor showcased something for everyone. However, there was a clear winner at the show – and that was flower. From the incredible smells to the grinding process, there is something about flower that is ingrained in our unique cannabis culture – and we are proud to be part of it.

Events are back, and we are ready for it  

Even though it has already been nearly two years since the pandemic hit, conferences are just starting to ramp back up. It was incredible being able to feel the normalcy again of being around our family, industry peers, and meeting new people to form connections with. This was the first show of its kind that Yellow Dream Farm and GoodGood attended, and it certainly will not be our last.

Now that the show has concluded, we have had time to reflect on everything we saw, heard, and learned over the course of the two days. Was it a lot of work? Yes. But the valuable relationships we formed, the feedback we received, and the excitement from everyone around our brands were all worth it.